I am addicted to re-reorganizing the boxes of things I own. It is hard enough to stay hydrated in the sudden heat, let alone finding the headspace to take a break. I am high, I am low, I am just about ready to burst waiting to listen to Florence + the Machine's new album. And waiting for the Los Angeles journey plans to solidify.

I have a plane ticket for the end of June, a prayer for a place to live in July, a feeling that I will have some kind of work to sustain. 

Forget the days that have passed without my studio work in mind. Forget that I haven't picked up a book, sadly, in months. And yet to color-correct the images from my recent exhibition...

She Wants

More than enough work for all. I've run out of coffee grounds, so green tea matcha is my next victim. Yet to finish the powerpoint for the first day of class. A wavering application for an internship left undecided. I can't tell if all this heat is good or bad for the earth; I know I've suffered mild heatstroke for days.

Sometimes things die and I have to make an oil painting. Gnats are unfortunately excluded from this group. 

This coming week is going to be exciting to say the least.

Spiritual High

Went to see Noah. It is not word for word the story in the Bible and I had no expectations. I disagree with some decisions regarding taste, but I know it is only because I am a creator.

I know the water will charge me for the weeks to come; flood stories are always perfect for the spring. This flood story will be misinterpreted by many and misunderstood by few, but I know it will influence a large number of people. Good or bad impressions do not matter because I believe it will change taste.

I believe it brings us closer to Cinematic Realism as a complete, whole style and not fractured glimpses.


Enormous blow two days prior and still reeling from the impact. Furiously scribbling anything down, everything down when working through projects.

All is being reorganized and I am begged to question the bits.


Stopped just short of long days, I cannot find energy outside of 6:30AM-9PM

Should be dyeing cotton fabric, writing on samples, finding the next pathway, memorizing modern craft timelines... Instead I am stuck inside with carpal tunnel syndrome and wanting Jack White, only

Strictly, wanting mint tea accompanying lists instead of movement

JT Visualizer

Spending sketches on "Legendary Lovers," "Lacrimosa," "Jolene," and "Losing My Way."

They will all be modular projects to build a larger structure. It is a simple first step to see Cinematic Realism--pieces reorganized is an easy way to handle focus of depth. Though, instead of reorganizing lines, I will be reorganizing shape.

I circled through Justified all yesterday and will cycle to Futuresex/Lovesounds

Justin Timberlake may not be opera, nor may he be NPR, but he is important in contemporary culture and I believe him to be absolute truth.

Quick Write

All I do is write, re-write, re-write the re-writes, etc. 

All I do is make funny samples, all I do is organize a new periodic table, all I do is 

The wall in the center of studio is nearly mine permanent and all critique dates are waved, for the sake of ideology.