grinding teeth nightmares


Stopped just short of long days, I cannot find energy outside of 6:30AM-9PM

Should be dyeing cotton fabric, writing on samples, finding the next pathway, memorizing modern craft timelines... Instead I am stuck inside with carpal tunnel syndrome and wanting Jack White, only

Strictly, wanting mint tea accompanying lists instead of movement

Flint Hill Sunset

Used time moving instead of sleeping, so grinding teeth nightmares have begun (carsickness while dreaming, eleven hours a day driving does) and so we flew home in between the Flint Hills. I have decided one must remain butterflied as a creative; I want to spend some days running exercises and eating vegetables instead of the tough meat I've choked down for years. I need items high in sodium and low in repercussion.

Thus, I spend days saving food and searching for the perfect copy of The Fountainhead.