Justin Timberlake

"Wildest Dreams"

I have recently acquired Taylor Swift's entire discography, quite a treat to kick off this semester's research. Upon listening to 1989 on repeat for the last week, one of Swift's songs is reminiscent of Timberlake's "Blue Ocean Floor." Not that this is a diagnosed "syndrome"; rather, this might be the keyhole to align a similar story arc in contemporary pop music albums (those on "this side" of the millennium).

I've also begun Roger Fouts' Next of Kin. This book has quite honestly rearranged many doubts I've held onto about my coming graduation and what "happens after." Fouts' testimony and journey through not only academia, but his research and love for his chimpanzee family is inspiring. I am hoping one day I can tell him how much I admire his perseverance.

And like this break, my waxing lust for writing will soon break way into a waning love when spring semester arrives.

"Thin Line"

Swimming in Justin Timberlake and Macklemore, the cars carry my thoughts toward and away, pulse. Mt. Rainier came out behind clouds yesterday, his presence a grace.

I could pretend to be lost. I could say, I don't know what I'm looking at, where to go. 

I bought a Paul Klee self-help book. I also bought a book on how to write about art. I am lapping up Tar Baby and looking out of windows. 

I could say I don't deserve, but that isn't it, either. I could say I am sad, still--forgiveness not budging. These are false, too.

I am still in need of The Heist. It's hard to ignore my anxiety regarding framework, thinking the voices messed me up and prevented any kind of movement.

JT Visualizer

Spending sketches on "Legendary Lovers," "Lacrimosa," "Jolene," and "Losing My Way."

They will all be modular projects to build a larger structure. It is a simple first step to see Cinematic Realism--pieces reorganized is an easy way to handle focus of depth. Though, instead of reorganizing lines, I will be reorganizing shape.

I circled through Justified all yesterday and will cycle to Futuresex/Lovesounds

Justin Timberlake may not be opera, nor may he be NPR, but he is important in contemporary culture and I believe him to be absolute truth.