So many beginnings lately, where to start!

My schedule has fleshed out to include a second position as studio assistant/production manager for a local fiber artist. The commute is a shock, but there are so many wonderful people. The work is a blessing.

With newfound income, I am setting sights a little south on a rent-able studio space. I picture the space with windows the owner planned to update, and tell myself I have to save the windows. I am eager to work side by side with other artists again. It has been too long. 

This week we are moving the yarn store next door to the gallery, and there is a lot to do. Everyone is working hard and all day, together. The last time I felt so high moving mountains was my senior year of undergrad.

More work and responsibility means longer days away from the house, and the black cat is annoyed that we are gone so long. If I sit still, I catch myself wondering how I "got here" to this desert city. 

And then I remember, we drove through the landscape...