Unrealized Dreams

If you told me I'd be living here in LA when I was coming up on fifteen, I'd have laughed at you.

All of my energy and foresight ended with acceptance to college, the Dream School. Anything I did during or after my time at KCAI was new terrainunrealized and unplanned. As the years wore on, I forged my way through work study jobs and classes, tailoring my education as best I could (the fiber major that I was). And the last week leading to graduation, the two months after, this present date a year and a half later... I could not have seen any of it. I did not expect or plan one thing after graduation, except for the fact that I was to move out of the junky apartment owned by the school. Everything else was unreal and far away.

And yet here it is, all laid out. I am renting my first "grown-up" studio, working full force at 40/hrs a week, and still fighting time to make dinner every single night. Changing the world, one day at a time.