some kind of relentless

The Overtime Season

Every morning this past week, the parking lot to my complex is always empty before I leave. It is empty when I come home. As for rest, I can easily say it is saved for the dead. The fog that has lifted into clouds is not helping matters.

We bought a poinsettia who is yet to repot. I find myself catching daydreams often and chatting while I work. It is hard to remain focused when running through the alphabet consistently for 6 hours a day. I have a theory, screen-tired. I am screen-tired after staring at a computer screen for the entire day and absorbed in emails. Screen-tired can also describe processing inane documents, carefully organizing them into folders with scrawled names across the tab.

And so what? You don't need to know such detail? I've tried making Christmas cards again this year. Let's see how much energy I have after the 4 jobs I've churned this week.