research paper

With Bated Breath

Third studio visit this semester tomorrow morning. I've begun my research for the Rothko paper, one month and counting to finish it (writing that sentence caused an enormous burst of adrenaline). Still to write a cover letter to approach a gallery for my senior thesis show. 

I have also begun "setting the folds" in my current project. It is exciting for it to come together.

I went to the dentist last week. My roommate's parents also visited. The next time I see both parties I will know what my future holds right after graduation. 


Completed the research paper-project in 26 hours the past 4 days (writing, only). 

Inventory day today, meeting later and taking time this morning to try and breathe. Still on adrenaline from finishing last night...

It's time to start organizing for the show in May

(and actually making things for the show…)