house dwell

House Dwell

Last week, my minutes were clear and allowed me to climb on top of everything yet to come. This week, I am not sure if it's the Santa Ana winds or the slew of work I am forging my way through, but it is easy to believe I am under. 

I began taxes like a good citizen and discovered four W-2s, two 1099 Misc forms, and a tuition report that I have to file. Not a surprise, considering I currently have four "jobs" circling my radar.

I think I've only talked about how much work I do, and not in the sense of my artwork. In that regard, I have begun a curriculum. Deadlines include some this month and some in March, collecting a few in April. Submissions range from exhibitions to residencies, and I am still not sure of what to truly make. I know that next week I will have my absolute sanity and will know more clear times to sit in studio.

(a title for House Dwell because I believe the house dwellers, with not much to do other than cookcleantakecareof, are grounded)