On Birthday Magic

I am a huge believer in birthdays and "birthday magic" as a force in the universe. While this is the first birthday I have spent away from everyone I know (with cell phones as the way to connect with those I love), good things happened because of it. I have found temporary employment in the field I hope to continue my career in, what luck. I was able to fill up most of my car's tank, regardless of credit card theft. And I received some free lipstick just for having been born. 

Perhaps the luck/birthday magic was able to come because I spent last Wednesday cleaning the apartment out. I was able to welcome good news instead of harvesting bad feelings—and even though I have yet to know what November may bring, it won't be a concern for a few weeks. For a few weeks, I no longer have to surf forums for jobs and write several cover letters a day.

For a few weeks, I will be finally able to meet others and add to my presence in this city's community.