She Wants Revenge

A Nod & Casual Wave

Progress in the form of career promotion: part-time yarn shop employee, part-time artist. I am making real and true strides toward what I (think) I know I want.

Most of these decisions have happened outside of me, I can't say I've thought through any of this. Not to say I haven't thought about it at all, but rather realization emerged through conversations with others. I would tell people I don't want to file papers, I want to be an artist, I want to go back to school. I spit words that had hardly crossed my conscious trains of thought.

And I think back a bit further and realize nothing existed for me after college. My entire life began and ended with my education. A twelve-year-old projected want to stomp around in a school less than fifty miles from my childhood home. Everything after has been unplanned in the fore of my thoughts.

Relative, I suppose. This last week for my bankers boxes internship. Who really knows what is going to spill out my lips next.