Last week I heard the need to start hard work again, and my environment has repeated it steadily since Friday. I dream about broken car brakes while the roads turn into downward hills.

The past two weeks I've been making table runners for a friend's wedding out of Harry Potter book pages. My hands immediately knew I could put this method to use in my own practice, sewing papers together to make whole quilts. I call it Theory Quilting, and have only implemented work in laborious daydreams.

We are eagerly moving a bit south and will have 100 more square feet of space. I can already picture a sewing table underneath our bedroom window, pages and pages of thought flowing behind me. Between the yarn store's move to Inglewood, and the new home we found, I have a feeling things are "settling in" and I will be moving forward with my thesis finally. One of my professors senior year in undergrad told me to wait before I apply for my MFA, that the years after initial graduation settle like dust. I'm not quite sure why I was (am) so scared of not knowing what will happen next.