A lot of people have asked me what "being a fiber artist looks like." Fiber artist because that is my identity at the yarn shop I frequent/work for. Fiber artist when introduced to directors at the gallery I intern at. Fiber artist as told by my bachelor's degree.

And yet I never willingly made any work out of fiber art, until lately. I am a draughstman, I tell myself. I make perfect, controlled imagery unless I am in over my head—my thesis, the reflection of my tulmutuous last semester. 

I tell them I intern at a gallery and work for the yarn shop part-time. The other time I spend in the studio. But is that true? Have I really made any of "my" work lately? I opened an Etsy. I made myself a capelet, a business card holder, numerous necklaces. I set up a Wordpress blog to start writing "my thesis." 

One long, ugly drawing does not count as "my" work.