Artist Researcher (clarified)

The most important thing you will read today is "See it Again, Say it Again: The Artist as Researcher—Introduction" by Janneke Wesseling. I have finally ordered my copy of the book. 

A few things to know if you don't have time to read the introduction:

  • Art research is produced when simultaneously thinking and making
  • Art research must yield insight about art in a broad sense, not just personal insight
  • Artists researchers talk primarily about production and thought processes of the work
  • Artist researchers do not operate within a cultural expectation of biennals, large museums, galleries or art journals. They are enveloped in the realm of academia

I will finally begin rewriting my artist statement, hopefully reposted by the end of July (here I am, promising). Reading this introduction has given me the correct cornerstone and I am incredibly excited for the months to come.