dream meanings

On Worth

The swell of fall seems to be taking all in its tide. Sprinting through hours and days, just to meet deadlines and maintain balance. Remember how to “let” ? I made a decision a few months ago that has changed a lot of things dramatically, but more importantly, it has changed my perspective on my own worth. I have dreams about my old self in high school, colliding with the person I am now, confused about making it to band practice and trying to boil water for my French press. I have dreams about screaming at a younger, more idealistic version of myself. I spend time weighing and judging and measuring opinions, trying to find a neutral equilibrium to step into.

Who are we to each other? And the most important advice I’ve heard: other people’s opinions are none of my business. Our day dreams should reign, not the balance of everything.

Necessary Rest

What does it mean for one to dream of a wrecked car being towed away? And the follow up: what does it mean when said person wakes to a fresh perspective? Hard anger leaves little room for improvement or perspective. It clouds everything out and perpetual movement forward does little to let. It is easy to believe there is nobody else. However, rest and good food and drinking water all lend to a healthy habit of letting. Stretching for a few minutes each morning couldn’t hurt.

Funny how “let” and the Arabic word for “no” sound so similar with my Midwestern accent.