This month has me frenzied and I think I’m losing hair as well as sleep. I’ve accidentally flaked on so many things, and I know it’s because I’ve overextended. I am layers deep in my Google calendar and you don’t want to see the buildup in my daily planner. My studio is made of stacks: projects, storage, papers, tools and material. There is no discernment when placing one on top of another, but gravity seems to think so and I fear avalanches will follow.

I finished a huge project, which allowed my shoulders to breathe. This I mistakenly took for more time to serve others, but who could believe me when I can’t seem to keep up? Here I am, making time, like I can add matter to this universe.

There’s a lot of grace being spread over my life right now, and I am thankful and humbled by those who pick me up when I can’t seem to.