Drinking Water

The slow descent into warmer days has begun and I’m sweating it out in studio. Transitioning from a blocked creative into a confident one, thanks to The Artist’s Way . I’m currently on week eleven out of twelve, and it’s been a journey. I’ve pored over many creative self-help books and podcasts these last few years. Moving through The Artist’s Way has helped me shift my grinding gears. Doing my best to merge the self I knew in college and the one I’ve grown in to, here in sunny SoCal. Balance is the hard think.

The other day I hooked up my electric ‘62 Singer sewing machine from a thrift store, and tried it out for the first time. There was rust and grit and dust in the gears and the belt. Pressing down on the foot, the machine whined and limped and fought me. I squeezed sewing machine oil on everything I could see, which helped a bit. I tried wiping everything down to clean it. Still, the machine bucked and refused. It’s probably been neglected for years - I myself have had it over two years and just used it this week! What powerful imagery. Grinding and fighting and needing a deep clean but skeptical of help and movement forward.