Something Sacred

Reclaimed fabric appliqués
18” x 24”

“Something Sacred” shares the memories of my trip to Lebanon and meeting my father’s family for the first time. Each piece commemorates specific moments throughout the trip, with seven works total as a nod to the Islam belief there are seven worlds. Meditating on this hierarchical view of the cosmos, I depict the memory of each citadel I met, the partially-crumbled Roman structures in Baalbek, the endless sea of mountain ranges and the apartments my family live in. 

This series forms a new, personal mythos, blending abstracted landscapes of Lebanon with otherworldly imagery. Many pieces draw references to jinn, the imaginal realm they live in, the fallen angel Iblis and more. Navigating these blended landscapes rely on deep imagination and understanding the emotional history of ancient land.

Photos by Cecily Brown.