Beginning of Syndication Series

This series began toward the end of 2017, and I have completed two pieces so far: Scheherazade and Contextual Data.

I have been working to finish Recitations, a circular crocheted wall piece in progress for the past few months. All I need to do is mount it for easy hanging - not a very intuitive task for me, and has caused me to drag my feet a bit.

In between, I've completed a couple of commissioned works, including a handwoven wrap and small fringe piece for some close friends. I've devoured Justin Timberlake's Man of the Woods album. I've participated in a few juried group exhibitions, moved into my studio practice full time, and picked up Anna Karenina more than twice this week. As far as measurable action goes, I'd say my life is full of love, but mostly because we have adopted a kitten.

It's the last day of my first 9-5 weekly schedule in studio. This is what following your bliss looks like.