"Recitations" is built through many, many double crochet stitches. Crocheted in the round, I drew from 5+ balls of yarn at a given time to create each stitch. Many of the yarns were donated to me or were leftovers from previous projects. From afar, the piece appears to have distinct color rings, much like a planet, a bisected vegetable, or tree rings. Like many of my pieces, this one was incredibly methodical and is very rhythmic. 


“Contextual Data” explores the use of context as a way to build imagery and movement. I sewed hand-felted strips together in long lines, intuitively organizing colors and focusing on each section separately. I then wove the long strips together, not knowing where each color field would fall. The overall composition depends on where each square of felted color interacts with another; in this way, the piece depends on context as a way for the viewer to navigate the imagery.


"Scheherazade" is built through layers and layers of torn magazine images, adhered to unstretched canvas. There is constant movement within the composition, and the imagery is carried to the edges; this provides a sense that this piece is merely a section of an even larger fabric. The view must rely on his central and peripheral vision to delve into the piece, relying on the contextual elements of color and form each magazine slice provides.