My practice is driven by a love for repetitive mark-making. Multiple strands of yarn, strips of felt, torn magazine pages, or pen strokes build depth and density in each piece. Layers of material and process combine to lend the impression that there is more than what the eye sees. The overall composition relies on color and texture to interact, a material-based lexicon that allows the viewer to navigate my work.

Trained in fiber art, my drawn and collaged imagery appears tactile. This two-dimensional part of my practice mimics fiber techniques and mediums, especially in regard to weaving. Even to the trained eye, these flat works resemble a tapestry from afar, challenging the way fiber art can be perceived. Incorporating my works on paper within a larger body of fiber-based work allows me to share an interdisciplinary perspective of fiber art.

My current body of work explores the many routes one can connect to their inner self. The rhythmic processes I rely on to create my work allows a generous space for my subconscious to roam. Meditating within a project over time solders my thoughts to each technique, providing a sensory and visual representation of my thought process. Each piece is a new iteration of these journeys through my consciouses.